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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
We are located inside of the Morris University Center. 

Is this where I rent my textbooks?
No. Undergrad students rent their textbooks from Textbook Service, located at 200 University Park.

What textbooks are available from The Cougar Store?
Graduate-level textbooks, special orders, lab manuals, goggles, and other non-rentable texts may be purchased from The Cougar Store.

Do you buy back (non-rental) textbooks?
We will buy back certain textbooks in The Cougar Store or you can sell your used textbooks online via this link:

I am a graduate student in an undergraduate class. Will I be able to rent that textbook?
As a graduate student, you must purchase your textbooks, even for undergrad classes. The Cougar Store will request a transfer from Textbook Service for your required text. You will be required to pay for the book at the time of the request, and the book will be non-returnable.

During checkout, I get an error that my session has timed out instead of redirecting me to CyberSource.
Try using a different browser to process your order.  Sometimes the redirect to our payment processor works better in certain browsers.  Options include:  Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge